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Miata Audio Pinouts

News! - The Sylfex AuxMod is here - now you can have an auxiliary input for double-DIN/FMS Mazda head units!


Introduction to Mazda Audio Systems

This FAQ covers Miata audio systems from 1990 through the current models. Other Mazda systems will be added as information becomes available.

Mazda has a long relationship with Matsushita/Panasonic, so Miata audio systems from 1990 through 2000 are based on Panasonic designs. Descriptions of pinouts for these systems are found in the first part of this FAQ. In the early '00s, Ford and Mazda partnered with Sanyo to design a new modular audio system. More information on this system is in the second part of this FAQ.

Audio System Summary

Year Description Model Number Front Photo Rear Photo Connectors
2004-2005Bose (4H64) Image:4H64 Rear.jpgJ-01 J-02 FMS CD/Tape Bose Amp Windblocker
2004-2005Non-Bose (4163) Image:4H63.jpgImage:4H63 Rear.jpgJ-01 J-02 FMS CD/Tape
2002-2003Bose (4H60)ND22 66 950Image:4H60 Rear.jpgJ-01 J-02 FMS CD/Tape Bose Amp
2001-2003Non-Bose (4162) Image:4162 Rear.jpgJ-01 J-02 FMS CD/Tape
2000-2001Bose (1M37) Image:1M27 Rear.jpgCN701 CN702 CN200 Bose Amp
2000Non-Bose (4M32) CN701 CN702 CN200
1999Non-Bose (1M32)NC20-66-9R0Image:1M32 Front.jpgImage:1M32 Rear.jpgCN701 CN702 CN200
1999Bose (1M31)NC10-66-9R0CN701 CN702 CN200 Bose Amp
1997Type 2 (MPSS)NB41-66-9C0CN701 CN702 MSSS Amp MSSS CD
1996*-1997Type 1 (1273)NB40 66 9C0CN701 CN702 CN200
1996*Type 1 (1267)NA53-66-9C0CN701 CN702 Round
1995Type 2 (MSSS2)NB11-66-9C0Image:MSSS2 Rear.jpgCN701 CN702 MSSS Amp MSSS CD
1995Type 1 (1267)NA01-66-AC0ACN701 CN702 Round
1993-1994Type 2 (MSSS1)NA52-66-AC0Image:MSSS1 Rear.jpgCN701 CN702 MSSS CD
1990-1994Type 1NA01 66 AC0CN701 CN702 Round

Note for 1996.5 cars: Mazda changed head units partway through the 1996 model year. Specifically, cars made prior to December 1, 1995 had the older units and cars made after that date had the new model.

How can I add an Auxiliary Input (Aux-In) to my head unit?

Every Mazda head unit can be made to accept audio from an auxiliary input. This is useful for connecting MP3 platers, sattelite radio, etc... Here's how:

All head units

All head units can use an FM modulator. This is a special device that sits between the antenna and the head unit and "converts" one frequency into an aux input. The pro is that this is known to work everywhere. The con is that it doesn't sound as good and can be just as expensive as the other methods listed here. Note that a real hardwired FM modulator is NOT the same as the dinky little handheld FM transmitter that most stores sell for $19!

1990-1996* base (non-MSSS) head units

You can convert the round connector into an aux input by following these instructions.

1993-1997 MSSS/MPSS

The only way is to use an FM modulator.

1996*-2000 base and 1999-2001 Bose

You can convert the CN200 plug into an aux input by following these instructions.

2001-2005 base and 2002-2005 Bose

There is a project to build a special aux input module (AuxMod) for the double-DIN Mazda head units. I have one of these in my car and it works great! Entirely integrated and invisible.

1990-2000 Systems

Almost all Mazda audio systems from 1990 through 2000 use the same main and auxiliary harness connectors. Some also have additional connectors for special purposes, like external amplifiers or CD changers.

  • CN702 (Auxiliary 8-Pin Harness)
  • Round connector (13-Pin DIN)
  • CN200 (CD/Tape Connector)

FMS Double-DIN systems (2001-2005)

All Mazda audio systems from the 2001 non-Bose and 2002 Bose use the same main and auxiliary harness connectors. There are two connectors on the back of the double-DIN unit, J-01 (main harness) and J-02 (auxiliary harness). Only the main harness (the larger one on the left, looking at the back of the unit) is used. Here is the connector pinout. This is the socket on the head unit.

See also the general Mazda pinout for advanced/extra functions.

The second pair of speakers (pins S, U, V, and X) do not function on the 4H60 (Bose) unit. This is probably a software, not hardware deficiency. In other words, there is probably some way to activate the fader function missing on the Bose head unit to enable these speakers, but it is currently unknown.

  • J-01 (Main Harness)
  • J-02 (Auxiliary Harness)

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